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Smart Construction

Smart Construction

Telemetry, integrated IMC technologies (intelligent machine control), automation, autonomous transportation systems (AHS), hybrid technology, electrically operated construction machines – all are current topics which have proven themselves in our company over the course of long-term operation.

At the computer ….

…the construction manager can organise several sites simultaneously, wherever they are located. Real-time transmissions deliver data on earth movements for the logistic operations planning as well as information on the progress of the construction site.


The Smart Construction has already started at KOMATSU, and we’re at the heart of it!


To meet these requirements, we provide trainings for IMC specialists and appoint certified measurement engineers.

KOMTRAX Telemetry


KOMTRAX, the telemetric system from Komatsu, can be used to interlink your Komatsu machine park. This system enables you to complete enhanced operational planning, position determinations, functional evaluations and the early-warning diagnosis of errors.Digitisation supports the decision-making sequences and automates your processes. Your levels of efficiency and quality are increased while your costs are simultaneously reduced.


Location determinations can help prevent theft, and on the basis of remote machine diagnoses, major cases of damage and downtimes are minimised.

IMC Technology

IMC technology (intelligent machine control) enables the operation of semi-automatic construction machines, with the machinist taking responsibility for the signal transmitting and monitoring of the systems. The existing CAD planning data are used for the creation of the predefined terrain contours. The 3D control continuously compares the actual position with the target position in the saved terrain model. The terrain contour is therefore created in just one working step.

The first KOMATSU excavator with a completely integrated GPS system with real-time sensor technology was introduced in 2014. Intelligent assistance systems ensure the protection of the target surface through hydraulic operation, and enhanced loading cycles result in productivity that’s up to 40% higher, while simultaneously increasing the rates of accuracy in comparison with conventional display systems.

Fleet Management (OFR)


Selection of the right vehicle fleet

When purchasing mining and quarry equipment, customers often have to make decisions, without being able to test the equipment in advance. Optimum Fleet Recommendation (OFR) from Komatsu is intended to help in these instances.

Our OFR engineers will support you with detailed analyses and suitable recommendations. These are supported by extensive documentation. This allows Kuhn’s customers to easily select the precise conditions and suitable machinery for every job and location. This minimizes the risk of acquiring the wrong equipment.


A helping hand

Before any machinery is acquired, a trained Kuhn employee visits potential customers on-site and collects all relevant information concerning the equipment requirements. For example, whilst the size of the area of use and travelling distance are of interest, inclinations and surface features as well as the hardness of materials being excavated are particularly useful. Kuhn’s specialists also enquire about targeted production volumes and the status quo of previous machinery.


An analysis is performed

All of the collected data are then fed into the OFR simulation program. The program then determines the optimum solutions and provides the option of performing alternative “what-if” simulations, by changing certain parameters. OFR recommendations are based on a combination of sound engineering knowledge and accurate physical data allowing you to properly orient your purchase decisions. Over a decade of experience with the program allows Kuhn specialists to make reliable recommendations. 


Experience builds trust

Purchasers of construction machinery should definitely take advantage of the benefits of the OFR program. Before opening up a new quarry or acquiring machinery, make sure you receive advice from our competent Kuhn specialists. Making the right decisions can be decisive for the subsequent success of a construction operation. With the aid of experience taken from the OFR program you will see maximum returns from your investment.

Construction site planning and site supervision

Sitelink3D™ - Job Site Management

From site to office, Sitelink3D gives you the connectivity and control to keep your jobs moving and on target. From your desk, you have remote access and support to every machine, file transfers to one or many, messaging, and advanced volume reporting.

Constant connection to all active job sites

Visibility and tracking

Remote access and support

DynaRoad - Manage Earth Works

Provides quicker, more realistic, and accurate planning and analysis by building up from the map. DynaRoad gives you tools to efficiently manage the moving and placement of bulk earthwork materials in real space over time. Visualize complex project tasks for a clear vision of success

Mass haul management

Gantt chart schedules

Resource planning

Sitelink3D™ Enterprise - Plan, Schedule and Report

Do more with your data and create customized reports from your desk. Sitelink3D gives you the ability to better manage your material in real-time. Plan, schedule, define machine tasks, and run customized reports to satisfy DOT requirements.

Productivity reports

Job site planning

Track progress, run volume/haul reports

E-Parts Store

If you want to save money and time, the eParts Store  is the right choice for you.
Here are just a few advantages :

  • Access to orders 24h / 365 days
  • Quickly and cost-effectively procure Komatsu OEM spare parts
  • Immediate information about price and delivery situation
  • Overview about your orders
  • Download of Documents

Autonomous Haulage Systems (AHS)

At present, autonomous driving is on everyone’s lips in the automotive industry; at KOMATSU, this technology has been in successful use for almost 10 years!

Since 2008, super-large dumper trucks have been operating autonomously in mines in both Australia and America. To date, more than one billion tons of waste and raw materials have been transported in large-scale mines with driverless operations.


New generation of autonomous super-large dumper trucks

The market introduction of this model will already take place in the near future


Technical specifications:

Nominal Gross Vehicle Weight: 416 tons

Nominal Payload: 230 tonnes

Gross power output: 2,014 kW (2,738 hp)

Maximum speed: 64 km / h

Turning Radius: 15.9 m

Total length: 15 m

Total width: 8.5 m

Tire Size: 59 / 80R63

Hybrid Technology

The first prototype was constructed as long ago as 2001 in Japan. Around 4,000 units are now in successful use. The hybrid machine saves approximately 30% fuel, emits less CO2, and is also less noisy.

Weitere Informationen zu HB 215LC-2 und HB 365LC-3.


Komatsu 605-7 E-Dumper

Kuhn Schweiz AG is building the largest battery-operated dump truck worldwide

The planning began in March 2015, and from mid-2017, the world’s first “e-dumper” will go into action. Its technical data are more than convincing.

Machine: Komatsu 605-7, 110t total weight.

Drive: synchronous electric motor, 590kW (800 hp) continuous output, up to 9,500Nm torque.

Battery: 600kWh lithium-ions, weight 5 tonnes.


Not only is the machine the largest electric vehicle worldwide, it also has the largest battery (600kWh) ever to have been installed in a vehicle. By way of comparison, during operation and depending on its application, a diesel-powered vehicle consumes between 50,000 and 100,000 litres of diesel and emits 131 to 262 tonnes of CO2 per year. The future savings also appear to be a world record: no electric vehicle has ever been able to save as much in terms of CO2 emissions.

And the records don’t finish there: as another highlight, the e-dumper can also be operated as a plus-energy vehicle. During its operation, CO2-free power is generated and the material mining and loading of the e-dumper is higher than the unloading. The ascent is therefore completed at a weight of 45 tonnes (empty weight), and the descent - fully loaded - at 110 tonnes. In total, more energy is generated during the descent than is required for ascent. CO2-free power is therefore generated as a secondary product.



Added value for our customers

What added value do digital technologies give our customers?


The following areas are optimised:

  • management of several construction sites and facilities
  • more efficient resource planning
  • optimisation of the machine operation
  • optimisation of construction site logistics
  • optimisation of maintenance cycle planning
  • up-to-date information on the level of capacity
  • reduction of downtimes
  • prevention of misuse and theft
  • replacement of conventional working time records
  • digitised procurement processes
  • automated bookings and outgoing invoices
  • documentation and data comparison of construction processes


The construction manager can organise several sites simultaneously from their computer, wherever they are located. Real-time transmissions deliver data on earth movements for the logistic operations planning as well as information on the progress of the construction site.

The customer takes control

Komatsu D61PXi-24

Komatsu PC210LCi-10




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