Fleet Management (OFR)

Fleet Management (OFR)

Selection of the right vehicle fleet

When purchasing mining and quarry equipment, customers often have to make decisions, without being able to test the equipment in advance. Optimum Fleet Recommendation (OFR) from Komatsu is intended to help in these instances.

Our OFR engineers will support you with detailed analyses and suitable recommendations. These are supported by extensive documentation. This allows Kuhn’s customers to easily select the precise conditions and suitable machinery for every job and location. This minimises the risk of acquiring the wrong equipment.

A helping hand

Before any machinery is acquired, a trained Kuhn employee visits potential customers on-site and collects all relevant information concerning the equipment requirements. For example, whilst the size of the area of use and travelling distance are of interest, inclinations and surface features as well as the hardness of materials being excavated are particularly useful. Kuhn’s specialists also enquire about targeted production volumes and the status quo of previous machinery.

An analysis is performed

All of the collected data are then fed into the OFR simulation programme. The programme then determines the optimum solutions and provides the option of performing alternative “what-if” simulations, by changing certain parameters. OFR recommendations are based on a combination of sound engineering knowledge and accurate physical data allowing you to properly orient your purchase decisions. Over a decade of experience with the programme allows Kuhn specialists to make reliable recommendations. 

Experience builds trust

Purchasers of construction machinery should definitely take advantage of the benefits of the OFR programme. Before opening up a new quarry or acquiring machinery, make sure you receive advice from our competent Kuhn specialists. Making the right decisions can be decisive for the subsequent success of a construction operation. With the aid of experience taken from the OFR programme, you will see maximum returns from your investment.


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