Komatsu Komtrax

Komatsu Komtrax

Satellite-supported monitoring system

Once installed on-board Komatsu machinery, the satellite-supported Komatsu Komtrax System monitors all important operating and machine parameters. In addition, a GPS satellite allows building machines to be located. 

The monitoring system is particularly useful for small and medium sized machinery in selected regions of Europe. Especially in remote regions which are not easy to reach for service technicians or on sites where operators cannot monitor their machinery. Komtrax has also proven very useful in locating stolen building machines. 

How does Komtrax work?

The Komtrax System transfers location and machine data to another satellite called Orbcomm. This then forwards the data to a data control centre, from where it is transmitted over the Internet to a Komatsu data server, which analyses and stores all information. Machine-specific data is then fed into the intranet of the Komatsu retailer, where it is evaluated according to customer specifications and displayed on a website. 

Reduced maintenance costs

The Komtrax System combines various advantages and, aside from increased machinery lifetimes, it also enables exact planning of maintenance procedures. In addition, service technicians can prepare themselves regarding what to expect on-site, which also leads to reduced down-time and maintenance costs. 

Where can Komtrax be used?

Anywhere in Europe where a connection to Orbcomm satellites can be made and the necessary, local infrastructure exists. You can receive detailed information about the innovative Komtrax System from us.

Komtrax displays the following data:

  • Current machine location plus machine history
  • Machine defects and warnings
  • Fuel and cooling system levels
  • Operating hours until next maintenance and the parts required
  • Daily operating hours
  • Monthly operating hours