Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Original Komatsu spare parts

By purchasing original Komatsu spare and wear parts, the operating life of building machines can be increased. This allows you to protect your investment and build on many years of productivity.

The most extensive offer

Komatsu is the only manufacturer that can supply the entire programme of similar quality or improved original parts for Komatsu machinery. Whether undercarriages, filters, V-belts, hoses, bolts or O-rings: Komatsu spare parts are always available and offer the best possible protection for construction machinery. 

Better than the original

Every single part from Komatsu has been developed carefully, conforming exactly to the required tolerances of its machinery. Original Komatsu spare parts either correspond one-to-one to the original part being replaced or are even more compatible with machinery than before. As new technologies or materials are used, you can benefit directly from these innovations.

Maximum reliability

Komatsu machinery stands for extreme reliability, even under the harshest operating conditions. Each part functions flawlessly, is compatible with all other components and highly durable. If original Komatsu spare and wear parts are used, vehicle reliability can be increased even more.   

More cost-effective

In the short-term, cheaper “replicas” or “compatible” spare and wear parts may save money, but over time can drive up costs considerably. Original Komatsu spare and wear parts are always available and, in addition, when measured by their quality, represent the more cost-effective option. They guarantee the long-term use of your construction machinery. 


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